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How to Connect the Dots that Can Make You a Star

So, it’s nearly January 1, the day we make our annual vow that this is definitely the year we get our shit together. Before Christmas, I wrote about why productivity advice can be tricky for creative people. And yesterday, I wrote about what I consider the most powerful tool to improve your creative output —

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Nucleus Research Finds That Retailers Prosper With Oracle Marketing Cloud

Analysts at Nucleus Research recently asked retailers how they are managing the challenges of the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape. They have concluded that retailers are increasing customer engagement, reducing costs, improving productivity, and increasing revenue with Oracle Marketing Cloud solutions.

Data silos make it difficult for retailers to know their customers. Timing and targeting of messaging has become more critical as customers open less and opt out more. Coordinating marketing campaigns across evolving channels is demanding, but essential for success.

“All customers Nucleus analyzed cited increased productivity as a benefit of moving to Oracle Marketing Cloud, with an average increase in marketer productivity of 50 percent.”

Increased productivity is allowing retailers to do more testing, more personalization, and more optimization of their CRM programs. Marketing campaigns can be more complex and respond to customers faster without intervention from IT. Improved access to disparate data through BlueKai and Responsys allow marketers to segment faster and better while increasing message personalization. 

“Nucleus found that many Oracle Marketing Cloud users in retail were specifically responsible for revenue targets from their campaign efforts, and they saw that the segmentation and targeting capabilities of the solution directly impacted their ability to meet those goals.”

Nucleus Research found that retailers are utilizing Oracle Marketing Cloud to reduce cart abandonment and improve customer reactivation. Send time optimization has been significant in improving customer engagement and driving revenue growth. Compared to our competitors, Oracle Marketing Cloud’s platform dependability and performance at scale were mentioned in the research as key differentiators. 

“Nucleus found that, on average, retail marketers moving to Oracle were able to increase their conversion rate by 20 percent compared with their previous solution.”

Cross-channel solutions in Oracle Responsys allow retailers to communicate with their customers across channels and devices. Our customers are leveraging SMS, push, display, and e-mail as an integrated solution to improve engagement with their customers. Retailers are able to control costs while improving their customer experience, resulting in an increase of revenue after adopting OMC products.

The Nucleus Research report can be accessed here.


2017 Contributors of the Year: David Aponovich

2017 Contributors of the Year: David Aponovich

David Aponovich is what could be called 'a ringer' when it comes to his written contributions for CMSWire. Aponovich was a reporter and editor covering the tech industry for years before moving to the other side of the table, as marketing director for a content management system provider.

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How to Build a Trusted Framework that Expands Your Content Creavity

Psst … hey, Copyblogger is taking the week off between Christmas and New Year’s. At least, officially. I’m not supposed to be here at all. But, given that my schedule is always out of whack this time of year, I like to take advantage of the disruptions to think about what I want to make

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CMSWire’s Top SharePoint and Office 365 Stories of 2017

CMSWire's Top SharePoint and Office 365 Stories of 2017

It seems like organizations had only just got used to the idea of SharePoint 2017 when Microsoft is telling them that it’s time to start looking at upgrades again. At its Ignite conference in September, the Redmond, Washington based giant announced that the new 2019 versions of SharePoint would be

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