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SurveyMonkey Files IPO, Forrester’s CX Certification, More News

SurveyMonkey Files IPO, Forrester's CX Certification, More News

SurveyMonkey filed for an initial public offering (IPO) with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) through its parent SVMK, Inc this week. The San Mateo, Calif.-based SurveyMonkey provides survey software products that enable organizations to survey customers, employees and the markets they serve.

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Corporate Culture, Employee Engagement and That Whole Breakfast Thing

Corporate Culture, Employee Engagement and That Whole Breakfast Thing

The quote "culture eats strategy for breakfast" has been making the rounds for a few years now. Whether management guru Peter Drucker said it first or not, Mark Fields made it more famous while serving as president and CEO of Ford Motor Company.

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Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Modern Marketing Express Near You

By Jennifer Dennis, Director, Marketing, Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle Marketing Cloud is hitting the road. Bringing our customers, partners, leaders, and product and services experts together for visionary thought leadership. These FREE half-day events kick off in Toronto September 12, highlighting the latest best practices and innovative breakthroughs around Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Responsys.

Speakers include: Shashi Seth, SVP Oracle Marketing Cloud and Dave Helmreich, GVP Oracle Marketing Cloud Sales North America.

Here's a sneak peek of what you can look forward to at the event. 

There are many reasons to take a break from the office, but here are some your boss is likely to agree with!

  1. Maybe you missed Modern Customer Experience. Now is your chance to catch up on some of the highlights, specifically how you can increase your marketing campaign ROI with Oracle Marketing Cloud.
  2. You are hungry for more. OK, so you made it to Modern Customer Experience. You discovered solutions and made great leaps, but there’s always another challenge. Keep on learning!
  3. You want to win a Markie Award. Markie Award nominations open soon! Get ready to win with tips from Markie winners, highlighting what it takes to bring home the trophy.
  4. You want to expand your career portfolio. We’ll share productivity tips from Oracle product experts, so you’ll have more time to take on those stretch assignments that could help you earn your next promotion.
  5. You need some fresh inspiration. Network with fellow marketing thought leaders – they might just have the creative answers you need to help solve your problems.

BONUS: There is no charge to attend this event. And there’s one coming to a city near you!

September 12 – Toronto, Canada

October 3 – New York City

October 10 – Boston

January 23 – Austin, TX

February 5 – San Francisco

Date TBC – Atlanta, GA

Agenda includes both general sessions and breakouts dedicated to Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Responsys:

  • The Future of Digital Marketing
  • Marketing for The Win: Spotlight on Markie Award Winners
  • Advancements in B2B Modern Marketing
  • B2C Marketing and Customer Experience Innovation
  • Tips & Tricks to Create Oracle Eloqua Magic
  • B2C and B2B Marketing Collaborative Learning Sessions
  • Turbo-Charged Segmentation with the New CX
  • Using Digital Behavior to Drive Immediate Action 
  • Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Responsys Roadmaps

 See you on the road! Learn more and register today!

Artificial Intelligence: Marketer’s Dream or More Pressure to Perform?

Artificial Intelligence: Marketer's Dream or More Pressure to Perform?

The emergence of artificial intelligence in marketing has spurred an influx of affordable and accessible marketing automation tools that aid marketers when it comes to completing mundane tasks like finding stock photos, proofreading copy, social media marketing, and even lead generation.

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‘Tis the Season for Holiday Planning (Now!)

By ​Kenna Hilburn, Director of Account Development, Liveclicker

🎶 It’s beginning to look a lot like … September. 🎶

Which means your holiday planning is in full swing! Instead of writing an article with vague ideas that only add to your growing to-do list, we decided to give four specific tactics you can execute NOW to better position your programs for a successful holiday season and Q4.

Tip #1: Test, Test, Test

The first item on your holiday prep list should be to A/B test. Now is the time to determine the right creative mix for subject lines and email designs so your content is fully optimized and ready for the holiday season.

It’s a real opportunity, especially when you consider a surprisingly high number of marketers still aren’t testing. In fact, research shows that nearly 39 percent of brands never or rarely A/B test their broadcast and segmented emails.

The good news is that there are tools that can help automate the process and deliver winning creative in real time. This reduces the effort needed to analyze results and send a winning version.

Your broadcast messages shouldn’t be the only touch points to benefit from a test – also consider testing your automated and triggered messages for maximum impact. According to the same research, successful email marketers are 70 percent more likely to A/B test their triggered emails at least once a year. Also, these marketers are 95 percent more likely to A/B test their transactional emails at least once a year.

Start your test now, and carry it through the holiday season with dynamic testing tools that continuously test creative versions to ensure the champion version is always deployed.

Tip #2: Refresh Your Welcome Emails

The next item to tackle is a welcome series refresh. Your welcome series is your chance at a first impression, and if you are not personalizing that content, the impact of personalization later in the journey can be lost.

Here are a few suggestions any brand can implement to improve their welcome series – and generate better results:

  • In welcome message No. 1, start your relationship off on the right foot by featuring first name personalization in a fun font over an image. 

text overlay of Micki

You can also begin to progressively collect user preferences via a poll to personalize future emails.

  • In welcome message No. 2, dynamically serve up category or product recommendations aligned with the preferences you collected in the poll using a targeted webscrape. This email is also a great place to start telling your brand story – feature an embedded video that brings your company story to life.

  • Finally, use welcome No. 3 and 4 to collect even more user preferences with additional polls, surveys, and other interactive devices. Just remember, use the preference data you collect to serve your customer with the personalized experience they expect.
Tip #3: Don’t Forget Transactional Emails

Think quick: What is the one message all converted shoppers receive in their experience with your brand?

Shipping confirmations are often an afterthought in the marketing strategy – sometimes they are even executed by a different team – but think of the opportunity these messages represent. WIth high open and re-open rates, as customers anxiously await and track their precious packages, these emails are the perfect opportunity to keep a customer in your branded experience instead of sending them to a third-party tracking site.

For example, digital retailer Evine uses live business context data to display live package location information in its shipping confirmation emails. This tactic increased month-over-month click-to-open rates by 16 percent. 

Tip #4: Plan Ahead with Time-Based Campaigns

Our last recommendation focuses on planning. The phrase, holiday rush, is not an exaggeration. Timely offers and communications are key for a consumer looking for the best deal, and driving urgency is one of the most effective tools in your marketing playbook.

This demand is the perfect opportunity to use time-based targeted messages. Create an hourly, daily, or weekly deals campaign, and drive urgency with a mix of countdown timers, add-to-calendar calls to action, and images that change in real time as offers expire and new promotions come online.

These types of messages successfully cut through the clutter by delivering dynamic content that is always up to date and never provides the negative experience of an expired offer.

A Gift Any Email Marketer Will Love

As you start developing this year’s holiday campaigns, don’t resort to the same old, same old approach. This year, get creative with innovative new strategies and technologies that are proven to increase important email metrics and improve sales. With these four tips, you can truly give the gift that keeps giving – highly engaging email campaigns your customers will love. 


Kenna Hilburn serves as Liveclicker's Director of Account Development, leading an international team of account management professionals in client services, satisfaction, and growth. In her role, she is able to share her expertise in both the email marketing and video commerce industries with clients targeting an ever-changing, global marketplace. 

How Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica Scandal Impacted the Intersection of Privacy and Regulation

How Facebook's Cambridge Analytica Scandal Impacted the Intersection of Privacy and Regulation

Facebook’s data harvesting scandal rocked the privacy world earlier this year, in part because the incident occurred at a time of increased scrutiny and emphasis on the global privacy and regulatory landscape.

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How Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica Scandal Impacted the Intersection of Privacy and Regulation

How Facebook's Cambridge Analytica Scandal Impacted the Intersection of Privacy and Regulation

Facebook’s data harvesting scandal rocked the privacy world earlier this year, in part because the incident occurred at a time of increased scrutiny and emphasis on the global privacy and regulatory landscape.

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