Author: Ryan Lunka

How to Get Marketers to Love Your Technology

How to Get Marketers to Love Your Technology

We’ve all read how complex the marketing technology space has become. Many of us have experienced it first hand. Modern marketing is just plain challenging. But despite all of the innovation and all of the new vendors selling all that cool new technology, many are still missing the basics.

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5 Ways to Create a Marketing Technology Frankenstein


Marketers have hundreds of marketing technology choices, which can make choosing the right ones for your business overwhelming. Making the right decisions can have huge impact on the future of your brand.

Dr. Frankenstein had choices, too. He made the wrong choices. He built a monster and, then he lost control of it. Don’t be Dr. Frankenstein. Don’t lose control of your technology.

Whether you buy a marketing cloud solution or elect to build one yourself, you need to understand how to avoid creating a Frankenstein monster (to borrow Travis Wright’s term).

These five practices are a sure-fire way to build a marketing technology Frankenstein—a platform that will hinder your marketers more than it’ll help them. Avoid these at all costs.

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