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The MECLABS Conversion Index: How optimizing your marketing collateral is as simple as “adding, removing, or changing”


Optimizing marketing collateral is difficult. First, there is the constant stream of new tactics and clever hacks to implement. Then there are the politics of your team interacting with management for budget, thought leadership and decision making. And on top of that, there is the overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to begin.

MECLABS Institute (MarketingExperiments’ parent company) developed the Conversion Index to help get past these problems.


Through this simple formula, we’ve been able to create the largest library of experiments in the field of conversion optimization.

During the Live Optimization Session at MarketingSherpa Summit 2017 (our sister company’s annual conference), our managing director, Flint McGlaughlin, walks through the Conversion Index and how to use it by simply adding, removing, or changing elements on your page.

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The MECLABS Conversion Heuristic Applied: How a single-product ecommerce site can optimize its sales with a tested methodology


After testing more than 10,000 sales paths over the past 20 years, MarketingExperiments and our parent company, MECLABS, have developed a thinking tool anyone can use for optimization.

We call it the Conversion Sequence Heuristic.

While it looks complicated, it’s simply a way of looking at a sales path and going through elements of the customer’s experience of a particular page or process.

In this Quick Win Clinic, Flint McGlaughlin, our CEO and managing director, walks through Axess Wallets’ home page and applies the Conversion Heuristic to show how easy it is to think about conversion in a sales path using the tool.

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