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Look Beyond the Digital Workplace to Our Digital Society

Digital workplaces do not exist in isolation — they are part of a much bigger picture. Frank Buytendijk, Gartner Fellow in Gartner's Data and Analytics group, opened the company's Digital Workplace Summit in London this morning with a recommendation for attendees: think about digital workplaces in the broader context.

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3 Ways to Compromise Mobile Data [Infographic]

3 Ways to Compromise Mobile Data [Infographic]

Mobile devices are the stuff of nightmares for anyone interested in data security. Despite the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace, there are multiple security issues around smartphones and tablets — leaving IT administrators cringing over the potential loss of sensitive data.

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How Marketing Content Wastes Money

Docurated has confirmed what many marketing people already suspect: only a small percentage of that content you create is actually being used in the sales process.

In fact, according to the soon to be released survey of 1,2141 sales and marketing professionals, 90 percent of the content marketing departments produce is never used by sales people. What’s more,  56 percent of salespeople prepare their own content.

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Microsoft Beats Amazon in Cloud Storage [Infographic]

Think Microsoft has been making ground in the file storage space? You’re right.

Recent research from Nasuni, a cloud storage management company, shows Microsoft Azure beats Amazon Web Services S3 and Google Cloud Storage in the enterprise storage space.

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Former Magnolia CMO Moves to Jahia

2015 18-May-chrisotpher-justice-jahia small.jpg

Jahia has named the former CMO for Magnolia its new senior vice president of worldwide marketing.

Christopher Justice, who officially left Magnolia in late April, will take over what he described as a hands-on role at Jahia.

He told CMSWire his goals are to make sure that Jahia’s leads and marketing strategy are built around effective lead development and follow-up. More importantly, he said he wants to ensure there will be human engagement with everyone that touches the Jahia brand.

The fact that Jahia appointed someone with such a practical approach to market development is no real surprise. Over the past two years, CEO Elie Auvray has consistently described this as key to Jahia’s business strategy.

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Can Microsoft Reinvent Productivity? #MSIgnite

Thumbnail image for 2015-23-January-Julia-White.jpg

Productivity has been a recurring theme in the first two days of Microsoft’s Ignite conference in Chicago. CEO Satya Nadella started the beat and other Microsoft executives, including Julia White, general manager for the Office marketing team, quickly followed.

Microsoft wants to use Office as a tool to reinvent productivity for people and organizations, White told the crowd yesterday. To find out more, we sat down with her to discuss Microsoft’s plans for its productivity apps.

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