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Keep Your Engagement Marketing Simple and Consistent

Keep Your Engagement Marketing Simple and Consistent

The most common question I get asked about digital marketing technology in my work as an analyst is, "How is everybody else doing this?”  It's not an easy question to answer — ironically because most discussion about it overcomplicates the issue. In short, for many, the best practice is to keep things simple.

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The Most Useful Path to Personalization that Marketers Ignore

The Most Useful Path to Personalization that Marketers Ignore

If you’re in a top-performing marketing team, the odds are good that you’re using some form of marketing automation in tandem with a lead scoring system. Marketing automation helps track your activities — whether they occur virtually or in the real world — and then tracks prospects’ responses to them.

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The Age of Mobile Moves from Static to Dynamic


Have you adapted your marketing automation and email messaging programs for the Age of Mobile yet? If not, it’s time to catch up with the times.

After all, more than 50 percent of email opens are via mobile devices these days. So mobile is your most important channel at this point.

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Automation is Evil: The View From the Other Side


I not only welcome our future robot overlords, I work with teams to build them.

Of course this line is a little tongue in cheek, but many people talk about automation systems as if the people who build them are unwittingly (or perhaps in full knowledge) building the future skynet that will bring about humanity’s last days. I’ve always fallen into the star-trek camp of automation, where computers help to reveal the vastness of what lies beyond our current limitations in a world ironically abundant with scarcity, rather than the 2001 vision of the future where HAL attempts to murder his crew because of a programming conflict.

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How to Get (Your Brand) Engaged


The term “engagement” is bandied about ad nauseam these days, with many businesses obsessing over metrics that matter little to their bottom lines. As a result, the concept of engagement has an undeserved black eye and a whole bunch of confusion around what works and what is much ado about nothing. 

So what is working when it comes to engagement? Let’s start with what isn’t.

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Powerful Automated Engagement Marketing How-Tos


When I think about what automated engagement marketing means, a really simple definition comes to mind: meeting my needs in my time of need. Done right, companies can successfully build strong relationships with customers who benefit from new and expanded projects leading to increased revenues. Done wrong, companies stand to lose new and potential customers.

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Will the Real Engagement Marketing Please Stand Up?


Engagement marketing, if we are to believe the current hype, is a new and powerful way for sellers to create and sustain demand for their products and services. Seen in marketing literature since around 2007, this approach holds that shoppers buy more and will buy from the same vendor more often if they feel some connection to that vendor.

That’s probably accurate — but does it really herald major changes in the way we should do marketing?

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Closing the Loop on Marketing Automation


We hear a lot about marketing technology platforms — the marketing clouds, the experience platforms and the digital marketing hubs. Most marketers are familiar with these platforms, but many aren’t aware of all of their components and how brands can use these platforms to build intelligent, automated and effective marketing programs. 

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Content Marketing Strategy: Context, Context, Context


"Location, location, location" may have been the mantra for brick-and-mortar businesses in the past, but in today’s content-driven economy it’s "context, context, context."

Content marketing these days is more complex than ever before. A few moments on the Internet will show you that companies are creating massive amounts of content and distributing it across multiple channels, languages and geographies.

Surround-sound tactics and automation have been crucial elements of marketing programs for quite some time now, enabling marketers to reach new and existing customers across a variety of platforms and channels. One of the keys to scaling your content marketing program is using the right tools to help automate, standardize and streamline your efforts so that you’re getting optimum results.

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Dirty Data Means Muddied Marketing


A few months ago I ran into an issue that could scuttle many of the marketing automation initiatives undertaken by a multitude of companies. While performing some genealogical research I found out my information had been cross-referenced with someone who was not me and had no relation to me. In other words, I had encountered the bane of all marketing: dirty data.

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