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Is the Novel Dead? Part Two


In this special edition of the show, two writers joined me to opine the death of one of the most influential forms in the history of the written word. I posed the question that many great writers have pondered stretching across the last two centuries …

Is the novel dead? And maybe a more up-to-date version of that question is, did the internet kill books?

Of course these are famous — almost cliché — theoretical discussions that writers often chew on over stiff drinks, and they raise hackles for those of us who adore them.

What you won’t find here is a highbrow literary dissertation, or even a very strict definition as to what the novel is or isn’t. But you will find a lively discussion between friends who care about the writing life and its future.

Robert Bruce is a writer, voice actor, and copywriter, as well as the Vice President of Rainmaker Digital and the guy who runs the Rainmaker FM podcast network.

Adam Skolnick is an award-winning journalist, author, and a returning guest on the show. His first book, One Breath, was published by Crown last January, and his work has appeared in publications including Playboy, The New York Times, and many others.

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If you missed the first half of this show, you can find it right here.

In Part Two of the file Robert, Adam, and I discuss:

  • How digital culture has exploded traditional forms of writing
  • The millennial generation’s preference for paper books
  • Why it’s so hard to define the novel in the internet age
  • How click-bait is killing journalism
  • Why the novel will never die

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The ‘Obligatory’ Structure of Effective Content


Fiction needs what editor Shawn Coyne calls “obligatory scenes” — the elements that satisfy audience expectations and make the book a must-read. Do those elements exist for content? And if so … what are they?

Today, Sonia Simone gives her thoughts on the “must-include” elements of a solid content marketing program.

In this 28-minute episode, Sonia talks about:

  • Why it can actually boost your creativity to work within a structure
  • How structure can help take the pressure off of “writer anxiety”
  • The content type that attracts a lot more traffic
  • Why it’s a mistake to stop at getting a lot more traffic
  • The elements that make content interesting
  • The 4 Deadly I’s that will murder your conversion

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The Inner Makings of a Membership Site Launch, with Stu McLaren


In this episode of Youpreneur FM, Chris and Stu go into membership site launches, what kind you should consider using and how to keep your site going. They also dive into the details of launching, managing, and marketing your own membership site.

Once you’ve decided to take that next big step and create your own membership site, where do you start? What kind of membership should you go for and how do you envision running it on a day-to-day basis?

Stu McLaren, founder of WishList Member and an expert when it comes to the membership-based business model, joins the show to answer all these questions as we go into the details of launching, marketing, and managing a membership site.

Stay tuned as we discuss the pros and cons of open and closed membership strategies, how to off-set churn, and the kind of flexibility membership offers entrepreneurs. Stu also shares the one misconception most people have about membership sites and why he believes it is the best business model anybody can adopt in their business.

This episode delivers the goods for anyone interested in setting up their own membership site or even just learning new marketing strategies to help them in their businesses, so sit back, listen, in and enjoy!

In this 51-minute episode, Stu and I discuss:

  • The tribe element when it comes to membership sites
  • The two ways to market a membership site (and which one Stu prefers!)
  • How Stu was getting more members with less promotion
  • The numbers you should be looking at when you open a membership site
  • One of the most powerful retention strategies you can use

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How Jay Baer Is Navigating New Waters with His Latest Digital Product


This week’s guest on The Digital Entrepreneur wants to hug you … even if you hate him! ? He founded one of the world’s most popular online resources for marketers and business owners, hosts one of the world’s most influential social media and marketing podcasts, and is the author of several exceptional books. He is … Jay Baer

In this 37-minute episode, Jay Baer and I discuss:

  • How the real estate market crash in 2008 led him to where he is today
  • His most humbling time as a digital entrepreneur, which he is currently going through as he develops his first online course
  • Jay’s guidance on how to balance advice from others and your own ideas about how to do things when those two conflict
  • The one technology tool that contributes the most to his success as a digital entrepreneur
  • What he believes holds every digital entrepreneur back
  • Why he’s adding proactivity and wisdom to the business development process

And much more.

Plus, Jay answers my patented rapid-fire questions at the end of the episode, which unveiled which email newsletter he can’t go without and his productivity hack to get more work done.

Don’t miss it.

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3 Important Lessons about Sponsorships that Will Make You More Money


Do you want to make more money from your podcast? Rhetorical question. :-) Of course you do! We all do. One of the clearest paths to revenue with a podcast is sponsorship, but it can also be the most difficult to tap into it, especially for newer or niche shows. In this episode, Jerod shares three lessons he learned recently when he signed a new sponsor on to one of his shows.

In another yes-we-kept-it-to-less-than-30-minutes episode, Jerod and Jonny discuss:

  1. Why you always need to be on the lookout for potential opportunities — and what, specifically, you should look for
  2. How to be ready for those opportunities when they hit
  3. The benefits of being a showrunner, not just a podcaster, and creating an experience for your audience that goes beyond your podcast

Plus, Jerod discusses how he handled the legal and payment aspects of the sponsorship.

Listen, learn, enjoy …

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How to Sustain a Profitable Creative Agency


On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Brian and Jennifer Bourn of Bourn Creative. They are a vibrant, creative studio that delivers purpose-driven design and engaging experiences for businesses who want to stand out and step into the spotlight.

Brian and Jennifer love challenges and deadlines, and are brand-building, WordPress-wielding, Lego-playing nerds dedicated to creating beautiful, flexible, and powerful platforms for rapidly growing businesses.

In this 38-minute episode Brian Gardner, Jennifer Bourn, and Brian Bourn discuss:

  • The founding of Bourn Creative
  • Using Genesis within a Creative Agency
  • Choosing a business size that fits your lifestyle
  • Tips for maintaining a consistent workflow from home
  • Creating a work/life balance that revolves around family
  • The importance of scheduling and client communication
  • Building a profit margin into your client services
  • Creating partnerships to create recurring revenue streams
  • Evaluating expenses on a consistent basis

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How to Find the Optimal Pricing for Your Membership Site


Are you struggling to find the right pricing model for your membership site? In this episode, we provide you with a detailed framework to make it an easy decision.

Finding this optimal pricing for a membership website can be very difficult. While there are many tactics to improve your pricing strategies, there are not many general frameworks that you can use from the start.

But if you listen to this episode, you will learn a simple and proven technique for finding the optimal pricing for your site — helping you increase your revenue while generating a substantial profit.

And best of all, this episode includes a companion SlideShare deck that walks you through all the concepts we discuss.

In this episode, Sean Jackson and Jessica Frick provide a comprehensive pricing framework, including:

  • The #1 Rule when it comes to pricing
  • Why your costs matter and how they are different from your expenses
  • The target financial goals you should set for your revenue, profit margins, and subscriber base
  • And how to package that pricing model to make it a compelling premium offer

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Marketing Your Book All the Way to the Bestseller Lists, with Jay Baer


In this podcast episode, Chris Ducker sits down with Jay Baer to learn exactly how to become a New York Times bestselling author! Get your notebooks ready!

Book marketing is a topic that has come up a lot for me lately. As many of you know, I’ve just wrapped a book that has been traditionally published a while back.

Earlier this year, I interviewed Farnoosh Brock about her book on juicing, and her grassroots approach to marketing it — which worked very well for her. This time you will hear a different approach — a mix of old and new techniques, with some long-term brand building as the backbone.

In this interview, I talk with Jay Baer about his well-planned book marketing campaign, and we delve deep into how to become a New York Times bestselling author.

This is some very useful stuff, so get your notepads ready!

In this 50-minute episode, Jay and I discuss:

  • Why using unorthodox book marketing techniques can work in your favor
  • How you can build awareness long before your book is released
  • The criteria for hitting the NYT bestseller list
  • How to utilize your community to make your book go viral
  • Why hiring a publicist is still a good idea in the new business economy
  • How to use re-targeting to your advantage

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Give Your Book the Best Chance with a Well-Executed Launch


The timing of your book’s launch is important. But how important is it? Here’s what really matters when you’re ready to launch your book.

In the words of Jeff Goins, “It’s really hard to launch too late and it’s really easy to launch too early.”

A good launch can make a book, while a bad launch can damage your credibility as an author, as well as have a negative effect on sales.

Pamela Wilson and Jeff Goins discuss best practices for a successful launch — and Jeff shares insight and experiences he learned the hard way from his past book launches.

In this episode Jeff Goins and Pamela Wilson discuss:

  • The ideal day of the week to launch your book
  • How the way you’re publishing should influence your launch date
  • Best launch practices for the self-published author
  • Pamela’s super-cool bonus for people who purchase her book

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SEO that Grows Your Business with John Jantsch


Of all the components of a holistic online marketing strategy, search engine optimization (“SEO”) seems to mystify many the most. And it’s true that years back, the key to ranking well in Google was a form of dark art.

That’s changed in recent years. Google’s algorithm has gotten smarter, and is more distinctly tuned in to what the audience thinks is relevant and valuable for a given search term, rather than what we as marketers would prefer to rank well.

As my friend Rae Hoffman says, “Google doesn’t want to make websites popular, they want to rank popular websites.” In other words, get traffic rich by creating content that people want and value first, and Google will make you even richer.

Another friend of mine, John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing, has just co-authored a book called SEO for Growth, and it’s a completely up-to-date examination of what it takes to do well in search engines. I was honored that John asked me to contribute the foreword, and long-time readers of Copyblogger will see the natural evolution of tactics and strategies we’ve talked about for a decade.

Tune in for valuable tips on the modern practice of SEO. More importantly, discover how to execute on an SEO strategy that grows your business, not just your search traffic.

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