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SAP CEO ‘Empathy to Action’ Promise Leaves Some Confused

SAP CEO 'Empathy to Action' Promise Leaves Some Confused

ORLANDO, Fla. — SAP CEO Bill McDermott took the stage this morning at his company's SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference here at the Orange County Convention Center and once again promised a commitment to customer empathy. "Last year I promised you empathy and turning empathy into action," McDermott told

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News You Can Use: Flips, Tricks and SAP HANA Mobile

News You Can Use: Flips, Tricks and SAP HANA Mobile

Everyone’s going mobile. Even the high-flying, acrobatic and ungodly flexible Cirque du Soleil entertainment team.  Spectators of the show will be able to use their mobile devices to interact with the characters and special effects throughout the production. The mobile application is powered by the SAP HANA platform, a

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SAP’s HANA Bet Seems to Be Paying Off

SAP's HANA Bet Seems to Be Paying Off

There’s a reason that Larry Ellison keeps taking swipes at SAP when he talks about databases in public.  In fact there’s more than one reason — there are 1300. That’s how many enterprises have adopted SAP HANA, the super-fast, in-memory database, since it was made generally available only five

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Is Data the New Soil? #SAPPHIRENOW

We’ve all heard it said the data is the new oil. But what if it’s the new soil instead—the raw material from which new ideas can grow into products and services that we haven’t seen before and might not even have begun to imagine.

With the onslaught of Cloud, mobile, social, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) we can not only gather and crunch more, and more kinds of data, than ever before, but we can also extract new insights from it.

And while we often say knowledge is power, when rightly applied, knowledge is service, so said Maria Luisa Silva, Director, Market Enablement for EMEA & MEE, SAP Startups at SAP.

At Sapphire Now, SAP’s annual user conference we spoke to, or watched pitches from more than a dozen startups that have built, or are building new, innovative solutions on the SAP Hana platform. These innovators crunch big data sets and leverage predictive analytics in entirely new ways to create unique products.

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